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Yao, Zou Golden Again as Asian Games End
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China's Yao Jinnan and Zou Kai each won another gold medal in apparatus finals as the 17th Asian Games ended Thursday in Incheon, Korea. Pictured: Kim Un Hyang (North Korea) cries with joy after winning the balance beam gold medal in Incheon.

China won two more gold medals in apparatus finals as the 17th Asian Games ended Thursday in Incheon, Korea.

Yao Jinnan won women's floor exercise and Zou Kai won high bar to take back to China, which plays host to the upcoming world championships.

Yao's gold medal on floor exercise was her fourth in Incheon, after victories in the team competition, all-around and uneven bars. Yao tumbled a double pike; 1 1/2 to 2 1/2, triple twist to stag jump; and a double tuck.

All-around runner-up Shang Chansong took second with a more ambitious routine (tucked full-in; 1 1/2 to triple twist, punch front; 2 1/2 punch pike; double pike). Korea's Yun Na Rae, third in the all-around, took another bronze in the floor final.

In the women's balance beam final, Shang nailed the content of her routine (ff ff two-foot layout; front aerial, sheep jump; ff layout; punch front, wolf jump, Korbut; double turn; switch leap, back tuck) before falling on her triple twist dismount.

North Korea's Kim Un Hyang won the gold medal with a beautiful and difficult routine, highlighted by a roundoff, layout full twist. Vietnam's Phan Thi Ha Thanh, third in Wednesday's vault final, took a surprise silver medal over Shang with an elegant routine.

Shek Wai Hung earned the upset of the competition, defeating world and Olympic champion Yang Hak Seon for the gold medal on men's vault. Shek vaulted a clean Dragulescu and triple-twisting Tsukahara to win by a tiny margin, 15.216-15.200.

"It was totally beyond my expectations - beating an Olympic champion here," said Shek, who went up first in the lineup. "It is a great moment to treasure."

Yang had been expected to battle North Korea's Ri Se Gwang, the top qualifier, for the gold medal. Yang, suffering from a hamstring injury, did not perform his namesake vault (triple-twisting layout handspring front) and stepped over the line on his layout Randi to place second. Ri crashed his piked Dragulescu, nearly landing on his face, but landed his full-twisting Tsukahara double back well. With both ankles heavily taped, Ri limped off the podium and finished out of the medals.

Yang said the hamstring injury prevented him from competing his second vault, a Tsukahara with 3 1/2 twists.

"It still hurts when I squat or sit in a chair," Yang said of his injury. "My leg was hurting, but fortunately, I was able to compete at the end. I tried to do the 'Yang 2' in my second attempt and I had the will. But my body wouldn't allow it."

Men's all-around champion Yuya Kamoto won parallel bars, bringing the Japanese men their fourth gold medal in Incheon.

Zou finished strong to win the high bar gold medal over Japan's Yusuke Saito and Masayoshi Yamamoto. Zou, China's most decorated Olympian in any sport, also won men's floor exercise on Wednesday. He is an alternate for the host team at the world championships, which begin Oct. 3 in Nanning.

The 2018 Asian Games take place in Jakarta, Indonesia.

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17th Asian Games
Sept. 25, 2014, Incheon, Republic of Korea

Balance Beam FinalDENDScore
1.Kim Un Hyang6.38.400 14.700
2.Phan Thi Ha Thanh6.28.233 14.433
3.Shang Chunsong6.87.500 14.300
4.Azumi Ishikura5.88.133 13.933
5.Kim So Yong5.97.766 13.666
6.Tam Joey Jing Ying5.48.100 13.500
7.Bai Yawen6.07.366 13.366
8.Minami Honda5.96.966 12.866

Women's Floor Exercise FinalDENDScore
1.Yao Jinnan5.78.266 13.966
2.Shang Chunsong6.07.800 13.800
3.Yun Na Rae5.68.100 13.700
4.Akiho Sato5.28.300 13.500
5.Kang Yong Mi5.57.866 13.366
6.Park Ji Soo5.38.033 13.333
7.Farah Ann Binti Abdul Hadi5.08.266 13.266
8.Phan Thi Ha Thanh5.47.7330.113.033

Men's Vault FinalDENDScoreAverage
1.Shek Wai Hung6.09.200 15.20015.216
6.09.233 15.233
2.Yang Hak Seon6.09.1000.115.00015.200
6.09.400 15.400
3.Huang Xi6.08.700 14.70014.800
5.69.300 14.900
4.Ri Se Gwang6.48.0660.314.16614.799
6.49.033 15.433
5.Lee Chih Kai5.69.0660.114.56614.499
5.29.233 14.433
6.Kim Hee Hoon6.08.033 14.03314.033
7.Shotaro Shirai5.68.3410.313.64113.687
5.68.133 13.733
8.Huang Yuguo3.69.066 12.66613.133
5.68.000 13.600

Parallel Bars FinalDENDScore
1.Yuya Kamoto6.98.900 15.800
2.Anton Fokin6.78.775 15.475
3.Dinh Phuong Thanh6.88.616 15.416
4.Pham Phuoc Hung7.08.333 15.333
5.Park Min Soo6.68.666 15.266
6.Kim Jin Hyok6.98.333 15.233
7.Caesar Quazi Syque6.38.566 14.866
8.Huang Yuguo6.57.400 13.900

High Bar FinalDENDScore
1.Zou Kai7.28.600 15.800
2.Yusuke Saito7.08.533 15.533
3.Masayoshi Yamamoto6.98.591 15.491
4.Lee Sang Wook6.58.500 15.000
5.Yang Shengchao6.87.933 14.733
6.Park Min Soo6.77.666 14.366
7.Quazi Syque Caesar6.18.033 14.133
8.Shek Wai Hung5.97.466 13.366
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