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Yao, Kamoto Win Asian Games All-Around
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China's Yao Jinnan and Japan's Yuya Kamoto captured the all-around titles on Tuesday as the 17th Asian Games in Incheon, Korea.

China's Yao Jinnan and Japan's Yuya Kamoto captured the all-around titles on Tuesday as the 17th Asian Games in Incheon, Korea.

The third day of competition in Incheon brought more success to the Chinese women and Japanese men, who went 1-2 in the all-around finals to go with the team titles.

Yao continued China's success streak in the women's all-around, defending the title won by Sui Lu four years ago in Guangzhou. Yao scored 57.900 to top teammate Shang Chunsong (56.950) and the Republic of Korea's Yun Na Rae (55.000).

Despite winning her second gold medal, Yao said she hopes to show a better performance at the upcoming world championships in Nanning, China.

"Today I was a little bit nervous," Yao said. "I especially made some mistakes that I shouldn't have had to make. I am sorry that I didn't show my best performance."

On the men's side, Kamoto snapped China's 36-year gold-medal streak in the men's all-around. Kamoto became the first non-Chinese gymnast to take the overall title since his compatriot Kazuo Horide won the 1974 Asian Games in Tehran, Iran.

Kamoto grabbed the early lead with a strong performance on floor, ending with a triple twist. After struggling on pommel horse, Kamoto fell behind teammate Masayoshi Yamamoto for most of the competition. Kamoto, the 2010 Youth Olympic champion, impressed on parallel bars for 15.500 to put him back on top and take the title ahead of Yamamoto and Korea's Lee Sang Wook

"Winning these events have been my goal ever since I was selected as a national team member, so I feel like a load has been lifted from my mind," Kamoto said. "I focused on the competition the whole time."

Lee said he was surprised but happy to bring another bronze for the host nation.

"I never thought that I could earn a medal because the Chinese and Japanese gymnasts are really good, and I'm a little old in the squad," Lee said. "I just tried to not to make mistakes and I give 150 percent effort."

China's Huang Yuguo finished fourth ahead of teammate Yang Shengchao.

"I didn't feel comfortable when I was performing," Huang said. "I think it's because of mistakes on pommel horse early on."

Competition continues Wednesday with the first day of apparatus finals.

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17th Asian Games
Sept. 23, 2014, Incheon, Republic of Korea

Women's All-Around FinalVTUBBBFXTotal
1.Yao Jinnan5.814.5506.915.4506.214.2505.613.65057.900
2.Shang Chunsong5.013.6506.915.3506.714.9005.213.05056.950
3.Yun Na Rae5.314.0505.513.6006.213.8505.613.50055.000
4.Yuriko Yamamoto5.013.8505.513.4505.012.7505.313.30053.350
5.Dilnoza Abdusalimova5.013.6504.812.6505.413.4505.212.95052.700
6.Azumi Ishikura5.013.6754.912.1005.813.8505.412.85052.475
7.Farah Ann Binti Abdul Hadi5.013.6505.312.8005.212.2505.113.05051.750
8.Park Ji Soo5.013.7005.412.4755.713.1505.412.25051.575
9.Kim Un Hyang4.413.1005.413.0506.112.5504.311.55050.250
10.Dipa Karmakar5.013.6004.410.5505.112.6005.112.30049.050
11.Aida Bauyrzhanova4.413.2505.011.9754.912.6504.911.15049.025
12.Yelena Rega4.212.6505.412.2504.811.6004.512.10048.600
13.Praewpraw Doungchan4.813.4004.211.4004.911.9504.811.80048.550
14.Lim Heem Wei4.612.0004.511.3504.912.8004.311.85048.000
15.Do Thi Thu Huyen4.611.7003.110.7004.511.9004.511.90046.200
16.Lo Yu Ju5.013.5503.29.5004.511.2504.511.60045.900
17.Do Thi Van Anh5.013.3002.910.5504.69.6504.811.10044.600
18.Arailym Darmenova4.611.8504.69.3504.711.3504.711.80044.350
19.Chen Feng Chih4.212.4003.38.7254.812.1004.710.90044.125
20.Pranati Nayak4.613.4504.39.5003.910.6003.910.25043.800
21.Ichinkhorloo Baatarjav4.212.2004.610.5005.010.1004.09.95042.750
22.Soyolsaikhan Batbaatar4.411.8503.88.1503.69.5504.410.32539.875

Men's All-Around FinalFXPHSRVTPBHBTotal
1.Yuya Kamoto6.015.0005.213.4006.514.9005.614.7506.915.5006.114.40087.950
2.Masayoshi Yamamoto6.014.1006.014.9006.114.6005.614.8506.514.6006.414.45087.500
3.Lee Sang Wook5.814.8505.914.1506.114.2005.214.4006.314.8506.614.75087.200
4.Huang Yuguo6.514.8506.413.7006.314.6006.014.4506.515.4505.713.45086.500
5.Yang Shengchao6.213.6505.713.1006.314.6505.213.3506.114.3757.014.80083.925
6.Lee Chih Kai5.614.1505.914.3755.113.7005.213.5505.213.7505.313.35082.875
7.Ra Won Chol5.813.2505.814.1006.114.1505.214.0006.113.9506.213.40082.850
8.Le Thanh Tung5.814.3504.812.8505.513.9505.214.4006.614.4004.912.65082.600
9.Stepan Gorbachyov5.414.3255.614.1004.913.5505.214.6755.213.7504.712.05082.450
10.Park Min Soo5.814.1005.814.6005.914.2005.613.4006.113.6506.312.35082.300
11.Hsu Ping Chien5.313.7006.313.6005.213.7005.214.1505.213.9004.813.15082.200
12.Ashish Kumar6.314.7005.313.2505.113.2005.614.2505.413.6004.812.75081.750
13.Han Jong Hyok5.513.3005.012.1506.113.5004.413.3506.614.5006.614.90081.700
14.Ilya Kornev5.413.8005.011.5006.013.6505.214.2005.713.2505.713.75080.150
15.Otabek Masharipov5.814.0005.612.5505.013.5505.213.0505.313.2505.013.40079.800
16.Mohammad Ramezanpour5.614.1504.912.7004.513.0255.613.5504.712.5504.412.60078.575
17.Aditya Singh Rana5.714.0504.811.4255.112.7505.213.5755.413.1005.012.25077.150
18.Gan Zi Jie Gabriel4.412.8505.413.7754.312.4504.412.6004.112.5504.211.80076.025
19.Ahmed Al Dyani5.513.6505.511.3505.011.8005.213.2005.613.0505.212.80075.850
20.Abdullah Alboussi5.613.8004.011.8504.312.3004.413.6504.712.2002.611.00074.800
21.Muhammad Bin Aizat4.912.9002.29.8004.612.7005.214.2504.212.2504.012.25074.150
22.Eduard Shaulov5.013.7004.011.0004.612.2504.413.6004.811.4503.710.75072.750
23.Otgonbat Purevdorj4.913.1004.210.3504.111.4504.413.4504.211.4504.010.77570.575
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