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Chinese Complete Near Sweep in Tianjin
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The host Chinese won seven of 10 apparatus titles as the 6th East Asian Games concluded Monday in Tianjin, China. Pictured: All-around champion Tan Sixin added titles on balance beam and floor exercise.

The host Chinese won seven more gold medals as the 6th East Asian Games concluded Monday in Tianjin.

The Chinese team dominated the competition, winning 11 golds, eight silvers and two bronze medals overall. Gymnasts from Japan, North Korea and Taiwan each took one gold medal in the finals.

Coming so soon after the world championships in Antwerp, most nations sent their B teams to Tianjin.

Women's all-around champion Tan Sixin added gold medals on balance beam and floor exercise to her haul of four golds in Tianjin.

"Today I was quite satisfied with my performance on beam, because it has always been my strength, and my confidence has been better," Tan said.

Tan, who led China to the women's team title, said she was more surprised by her victory on floor exercise, where she had some errors on the first day of competition.

"I was completely not expecting this result," she said of her fourth gold medal. "Probably because my preliminary results were not the best and my difficulty level isn't the highest, but I competed better today and I'm very happy."

North Korean veteran Hong Un Jong, one of the few gymnasts to compete in Antwerp and Tianjin, easily won the women's vault title despite a fall on her Cheng second vault.

The promising Tan Jiaxin won the vault silver behind Hong before claiming the gold medal on uneven bars with her outstanding routine (high Hindorff to Pak; Maloney to Gienger; Jaeger from elgrip; stuck double layout).

Korea's Heo Seonmi claimed silver with a routine that included a toe-full to Makoney to Pak; Maloney-half; giant-blind to Khorkina and double layout.

The Chinese men won all but two of the apparatus titles, and finished 1-2 on floor exercise, pommel horse and parallel bars.

Still rings specialist Chen Chih Yu (Taiwan) topped North Korean super vaulter Ri Se Gwang on still rings. Ri fumbled on vault as he had in Antwerp, finishing just third behind China's Huang Xi and Japan's Yusuke Saito.

Huang said his vault title was unexpected considering the presence of Ri, who is capable of two 6.4-Difficulty vaults, and that Saito also had a more difficult second vault.

"The Japanese gymnast's vaults were more difficult overall and his landings were also good, but I think I won based on my cleaner execution," Huang said.

Men's all-around champion Liu Rongbing win parallel bars over floor exercise champion Deng Shudi.

2012 Olympian Yusuke Tanaka earned the sole gold for Japan with his high-flying high bar routine.

First held in 1993, the East Asian Games take place every four years. This year's edition includes athletes from nine nations competing in 22 sports. Countries participating in gymnastics are China, Hong Kong, Japan, Korea, Mongolia, the People's Republic of Korea and Taiwan.

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6th East Asian Games
Oct. 13-14, 2013, Tianjin

Women's Vault FinalDENDScoreAverage
1.Hong Un Jong6.38.95015.25014.750
2.Tan Jiaxin5.88.9500.114.65014.275
3.Ri Un Ha5.88.80014.60014.075
4.Jiang Tong5.08.85013.85013.675
5.Sakura Yumoto5.08.85013.85013.625
6.Angel Hiu Ying Wong5.28.5500.113.65013.425
7.Chuang Hsiu Ju4.47.90012.30012.425
8.Chuang Shu Yun4.47.65012.05012.250

Uneven Bars FinalDENDScore
1.Tan Jiaxin6.28.55014.750
2.Heo Seonmi5.88.35014.150
3.Kang Yong Mi6.17.95014.050
4.Kim Pom5.88.05013.850
5.Tan Sixin6.07.55013.550
6.Chinami Otaki5.37.25012.550
7.Yuko Shintake5.66.90012.500
8.Kim Juran5.75.30011.000

Balance Beam FinalDENDScore
1.Tan Sixin6.38.70015.000
2.Zhang Yelinzi6.27.45013.650
2.Yuko Shintake5.38.35013.650
4.Wakana Inoue5.38.30013.600
5.Kim Un Hyang5.87.45013.250
6.Heo Seonmi5.47.45012.850
7.Hong Un Jong5.47.10012.500
8.Chuang Shu Yun4.08.35012.350

Women's Floor Exercise FinalDENDScore
1.Tan Sixin5.48.40013.800
2.Sakura Yumoto5.48.35013.750
3.Jiang Tong5.48.4000.213.600
4.Ri Un Ha5.87.75013.550
5.Wakana Inoue5.38.3000.113.500
6.Hong Un Jong5.57.55013.050
7.Heo Seonmi5.27.2500.312.150
8.Chuang Shu Yun4.67.2000.311.500

Men's Floor Exercise FinalDENDScore
1.Deng Shudi6.58.80015.300
2.Huang Xi6.48.70015.100
3.Tatsuki Nakashima6.38.60014.900
3.Park Eojin6.68.4000.114.900
5.Kim Soomyun6.38.6000.114.800
6.Yusuke Tanaka5.88.00013.800
7.Chen Chih Yu5.28.6500.313.550
8.Ri Se Gwang6.47.4000.413.400

Pommel Horse FinalDENDScore
1.Huang Yuguo6.48.80015.200
2.Liu Rongbing6.38.55014.850
3.Shin Dong Hyen6.28.15014.350
3.Hsu Ping Chien6.08.35014.350
5.Yusuke Saito6.47.35013.750
6.Shogo Nonomura6.07.55013.550
7.Chiu Mao Hua5.37.35012.650
8.Ra Won Chol5.76.85012.550

Still Rings FinalDENDScore
1.Chen Chih Yu6.78.75015.450
2.Ri Se Gwang6.88.45015.250
3.Kim Jin Hyok6.68.55015.150
4.Deng Shudi6.68.45015.050
5.Ng Kiu Chung6.58.45014.950
5.Yasuhiro Okamura6.58.45014.950
7.Kenya Kobayashi6.48.45014.850
8.Zhang Yang6.17.40013.500

Men's Vault FinalDENDScoreAverage
1.Huang Xi6.09.00015.00014.875
2.Yusuke Saito6.09.05015.05014.800
3.Ri Se Gwang6.08.20014.20014.750
4.Shek Wai Hung6.07.95013.95014.000
5.Erdenebold Ganbat5.68.00013.60013.950
5.Chiu Mao Hua5.68.55014.15013.950
7.Ng Kiu Chung5.67.95013.55013.775
8.Ariunbulag Munkhtsog4.49.00013.40013.050

Parallel Bars FinalDENDScore
1.Liu Rongbing6.79.00015.700
2.Deng Shudi6.88.85015.650
3.Kim Jin Hyok6.88.80015.600
4.Yusuke Saito6.48.75015.150
4.Yusuke Tanaka6.48.75015.150
6.Kim Soomyun6.18.40014.500
7.Yun Jinseong6.27.75013.950
8.Chiu Mao Hua5.27.30012.500

High Bar FinalDENDScore
1.Yusuke Tanaka6.98.90015.800
2.Liu Rongbing6.98.65015.550
3.Deng Shudi6.88.65015.450
4.Yusuke Saito7.08.30015.300
5.Kim Soomyun6.78.55015.250
6.Kim Kwang Chun6.38.60014.900
7.Ra Won Chol5.98.35014.250
7.Yun Jinseong6.28.05014.250
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