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France Finalizes Olympic Squads to London
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The French Gymnastics Federation revealed its 2012 Olympic rosters on Monday following the French championships, which concluded Sunday in Nantes. Pictured: Youna Dufournet, the French women's top hope for a medal in London

Despite his recent injury, Yann Cucherat is headed to his fourth consecutive Olympic Games, the French Gymnastics Federation announced Monday. The federation revealed its 2012 Olympic rosters following the French championships, which concluded Sunday in Nantes.

Cucherat suffered two dislocated fingers and bruised metacarpal on parallel bars at the European championships on May 24 in Montpellier, forcing him to withdraw from the competition in Nantes. But the two-time European parallel bars champion was named to the squad Monday along with Gaël Da Silva, Danny Rodrigues-Pinheiro, Hamilton Sabot and Cyril Tommasone. New national all-around champion Pierre-Yves Bény, a 2004 Olympian, will serve as alternate. Rodrigues-Pinheiro and Sabot are returning for a second Games after competing in Beijing in 2008.

Cucherat will resume his role as team captain for the struggling French men, who have lost key gymnasts Benoît Caranobe, Thomas Bouhail and Samir Aït Saïd to leg injuries. Nevertheless the team has medal hopes in Cucherat (parallel bars), Tommasone (pommel horse) and Pinheiro-Rodrigues (still rings).

The women's team consists of Marine Brevet, Youna Dufournet, Anne Kuhm, Aurélie Malausséna and Sophia Serseri, with alternate Valentine Sabatou. All are first-time Olympians.

Dufournet is the French women's best hope for a medal in London. She scored 15.550 on uneven bars in Sunday's final, with an outstanding 6.9 Difficulty score. Kuhm, 15, added vault and balance beam titles to go with her all-around title, while the classical Brevet won floor exercise.

The Olympic Games take place July 27-Aug. 12 in London, where gymnastics once again will star as one of the Games' premier events.

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2012 French Gymnastics Championships
June 10, Nantes

Women's Vault FinalDNDAverage
1.Anne Kuhm1996Union HaguenauHaguenau3.812.875
2.Manon Cormoreche1996Avenir Gymnique des PinsMarseille4.412.575
3.Johanna Cano1996Club Gymnique de Saint GiniezMarseille5.011.100

Uneven Bars FinalDNDScore
1.Youna Dufournet1993Les Lucioles de LyonLyon6.915.550
2.Anne Kuhm1996Union HaguenauHaguenau5.713.950
3.Aurélie Malaussena1993Élan Gymnique RouennaisRouen5.813.925
4.Marine Brevet1994Détente et Loisirs de ViriatViriat5.513.350
5.Sophia Serseri1995Alliance Dijon Gym 21Dijon5.312.225

Balance Beam FinalDNDScore
1.Anne Kuhm1996Union HaguenauHaguenau5.914.050
2.Aurélie Malaussena1993Élan Gymnique RouennaisRouen5.913.950
3.Youna Dufournet1993Les Lucioles de LyonLyon5.913.300
4.Marine Brevet1994Détente et Loisirs de ViriatViriat5.613.100
5.Manon Cormoreche1996Avenir Gymnique des PinsMarseille5.212.425

Women's Floor Exercise FinalDNDScore
1.Marine Brevet1994Détente et Loisirs de ViriatViriat5.613.750
2.Anne Kuhm1996Union HaguenauHaguenau5.313.350
3.Sophia Serseri1995Alliance Dijon Gym 21Dijon5.113.025
4.Manon Cormoreche1996Avenir Gymnique des PinsMarseille4.912.950
5.Wendy Lejoyeux1996Gymnastique du Pays d'Aix-En-ProvenceAix-En-Provence4.212.175

Men's Floor Exercise FinalDNDScore
1.Gaël Da Silva1984Société Municipale de BourgesBourges5.915.000
2.Kévin Dupuis1991Clamart Gym.92Clamart6.014.800
3.Pierre-Yves Bény1983Société Municipale d'OrléansOrleans5.414.550
4.Cyril Tommasone1987Convention Gymnique de LyonLyon5.814.350
5.Arnaud Willig1985La SottevillaiseSotteville5.90.113.900

Pommel Horse FinalDNDScore
1.Cyril Tommasone1987Convention Gymnique de LyonLyon6.715.700
2.Hamilton Sabot1987Olympique Antibes Juan-les-PinsJuan-Les-Pins6.014.800
3.Pierre-Yves Bény1983Société Municipale d'OrléansGorleans6.414.400
4.Axel Augis1990UnaffiliatedParis5.113.550
5.Bastian Peter1990Lille Métropole Jeunesse Sportive MadeleinoiseMadeleine5.312.450

Still Rings FinalDNDScore
1.Danny Pinheiro-Rodrigues1985La SottevillaiseSotteville7.115.550
2.Arnaud Willig1985La SottevillaiseSotteville6.214.850
3.Gaël Da Silva1984Société Municipale de BourgesBourges6.014.800
4.Pierre-Yves Beny1983Société Municipale d'OrléansGorleans5.514.300
5.Hamilton Sabot1987Olympique Antibes Juan-les-PinsJuan-Les-Pins5.714.100

Men's Vault FinalDNDAverage
1.Raphael Wignanitz1984Société Municipale de BourgesBourges7.00.315.025
2.Matthieu Jordan1991Clamart Gym.92Clamart7.00.114.800
3.Kévin Dupuis1991Clamart Gym.92Clamart6.214.775
4.Matthieu Chapron1987Société Municipale de BourgesBourges6.60.114.250

Parallel Bars FinalDNDScore
1.Hamilton Sabot1987Olympique Antibes Juan-les-PinsJuan-Les-Pins6.515.300
2.Danny Pinheiro-Rodrigues1985La SottevillaiseSotteville6.415.150
3.Jim Zona1992Lille Métropole Jeunesse Sportive MadeleinoiseMadeleine5.614.450
4.Cyril Tommasone1987Convention Gymnique de LyonLyon5.313.550
5.Gaël Da Silva1984Société Municipale de BourgesBourges5.812.900

High Bar FinalDNDScore
1.Hamilton Sabot1987Olympique Antibes Juan-les-PinsJuan-Les-Pins6.414.750
2.Pierre-Yves Bény1983Société Municipale d'OrléansGorleans5.014.200
2.Arnaud Willig1985La SottevillaiseSotteville6.114.200
4.Axel Augis1990UnaffiliatedParis5.512.900
5.Jim Zona1992Lille Métropole Jeunesse Sportive MadeleinoiseMadeleine5.512.150
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