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Deng, Liao Win Chinese Individual Nationals
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Olympic gold medalist Deng Linlin won two gold medals at the Chinese individual championships, which ended Sunday in Hong Kong.

China's world team members skipped the competition, the first major domestic championship to be held in the former British colony. Unlike the spring championships, which include a team competition, the fall championships saw individual action only.

Deng won the all-around title during Friday's qualification competition, taking the gold by 2.5 points. Deng vaulted just a Yurchenko full but the 2009 world champion was sharp on balance beam, scoring 15.000 (high two-foot layout; front aerial to Rueda; side somi; sheep jump to back tuck; ff, ff, double pike).

Junior Huang Huidan won the silver, edging Luo Peiru by .150.

In finals, reigning champion Li Yiting stood up her double-twisting Tsukahara and layout Rudi vaults. Luo's powerful set (click to watch) outscored Huang's more elegant routine on uneven bars (watch).

Huang was near perfect on balance beam (straddle press mount to split handstand; standing Arabian; front aerial, ff, ff; switch leap right into Onodi; side somi; 2 1/2; watch), tying Feng Xiao for the gold.

Deng dropped off beam on her front tuck (watch) but rebounded on floor exercise to take the gold medal (two whips to 2 1/2, tucked full-in, double tuck, double pike; watch).

Liao Qiuhua won the men's all-around title over Deng Shudi and Deng Xiaofeng.

With the national team stars sitting out the event, 2009 world champion Zhang Hongtao was the biggest name in the finals. Zhang, left off China's past two world teams, remained unbeatable on pommel horse, scoring 15.975 (watch).

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2011 Chinese Individual Championships
Nov. 17-20, Hong Kong

Women's All-AroundTotal
1.Deng Linlin56.550
2.Huang Huidan54.050
3.Chen Shihua53.900
4.Zhang Yelinzi53.650
4.Xiao Kangjun53.650
6.Li Shanshan53.200
7.Xie Wenwei52.550
8.Wong Hiu Ying Angel52.300

Men's All-Around
1.Liao Qiuhua
2.Deng Shudi
3.Deng Xiaofeng

(Men's all-around scores unavailable)


Women's Vault FinalDENDScoreAverage
1.Li Yiting6.08.45014.45014.613
2.Wong Hiu Ying Angel5.28.5000.113.70013.688
3.Jiang Tong5.38.55013.85013.563
4.Zhou Qiaohong5.28.37513.57513.350
5.Wang Xin5.88.47514.27513.125
6.Yang Pei5.57.30012.80012.975
6.Xiong Jinju5.27.90013.10012.975
8.Hu Xin5.08.37513.37512.463

Uneven Bars FinalDENDScore
1.Luo Peiru6.68.32514.925
2.Huang Huidan6.68.05014.650
3.Xiao Kangjun6.57.72514.225
4.Deng Linlin6.18.10014.200
5.Chen Shihua5.37.92513.225
6.Zeng Shixia5.67.35012.950
7.Guan Wenli5.57.05012.550
8.Tan Jiaxin5.76.70012.400

Balance Beam FinalDENDScore
1.Huang Huidan6.28.15014.350
1.Feng Xiao6.18.25014.350
3.Xie Biying6.18.12514.225
4.Deng Linlin6.47.55013.950
5.Wu Liufang6.37.50013.800
5.Yang Ruxue6.07.80013.800
7.Guan Wenli6.37.27513.575
8.Zhang Yelinzi6.27.00013.200
9.Wong Hiu Ying Angel5.27.85013.050

Women's Floor Exercise FinalDENDScore
1.Deng Linlin5.68.32513.925
2.Lou Nina5.48.42513.825
3.Li Shanshan5.38.37513.675
4.Wong Hiu Ying Angel5.48.25013.650
5.Xiao Kangjun5.37.15012.450
6.Wang Xin5.27.12512.325
7.Huang Huidan5.26.40011.600
8.Jiang Tong5.16.42511.525

Men's Floor Exercise FinalDENDScore
1.Fang Hailiang6.38.77515.075
2.Zhou Shixiong6.18.52514.625
3.Du Wei5.78.4250.114.025
4.Deng Xiaofeng6.47.7750.213.975
5.Tong Yingjie6.27.7500.113.850
6.Huang Xi6.37.35013.650
7.Liao Qiuhua5.08.3250.213.125
8.Wei Xin5.96.55012.450

Pommel Horse FinalDENDScore
1.Zhang Hongtao6.69.37515.975
2.Lu Chenxi6.49.05015.450
3.Fu Yu6.48.50014.900
4.Hu Yinjie5.98.82514.725
5.Wei Hongtao6.18.52514.625
6.Chen Chen6.47.97514.375
7.Yu Liang6.37.97514.275
8.Zhu Zhenquan5.47.37512.775

Still Rings FinalDENDScore
1.Luo Xuan6.98.60015.500
2.Liu Yang6.68.85015.450
3.Jiang Lei6.88.45015.250
4.Zhu Tiange6.58.60015.100
5.Liao Qiuhua6.58.57515.075
6.Wang Ziqiang6.68.45015.050
7.Deng Shudi6.68.30014.900
8.Liao Junlin6.77.80014.500
9.Ng Kiu Chung Kelvin6.28.02514.225

Men's Vault FinalDENDScoreAverage
1.Zhang Zhongbo7.09.57516.57516.275
2.Qu Ruiyang7.08.72515.72515.850
3.Huang Xi7.08.85015.85015.675
4.Fang Hailiang6.68.97515.57515.638
5.Lin Chaopan7.08.77515.77515.513
6.Shek Wai Hung6.69.55016.15015.463
7.Wang Peng7.08.70015.70015.375
8.Deng Xiaofeng6.29.0500.115.15015.313

Parallel Bars FinalDENDScore
1.Dong Zhendong6.78.47515.175
2.Deng Shudi6.48.72515.125
3.Wang Peng6.28.72514.925
4.Liang Mingsheng6.68.27514.875
5.Zhou Shixiong6.28.65014.850
6.Wang Bo6.38.42514.725
7.Tang Xingxing6.77.92514.625
8.Shek Wai Hung5.98.60014.500
9.He Youxiao6.16.50012.600

High Bar FinalDENDScore
1.Zhou Shixiong6.68.55015.150
2.Deng Shudi6.88.20015.000
3.Lu Le6.78.20014.900
4.Yang Jiaqi6.48.47514.875
5.Shek Wai Hung6.48.37514.775
5.Tan Zhongjian6.68.17514.775
7.Yang Shengchao6.37.77514.075
8.Yang Jinhui5.87.40013.200
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