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IG Online Interview: Maddy Curley
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Gymnast-turned-actress Maddy Curley spoke with IG this week about her recent projects, including a gymnastics-themed screenplay she hopes will get produced before the 2012 Olympics.

From the set of NBC's "The Event," gymnast-turned-actress Maddy Curley spoke with IG this week about her recent projects, ranging from parts in "The Office" and an unofficial "Footloose" remake to a gymnastics-themed screenplay she hopes will get produced before the 2012 Olympics.

Curley has enjoyed steady work in Hollywood since she earned a B.F.A. in Drama and International Studies at the University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill, where she competed in gymnastics from 2000-2004. She made her professional acting debut in 2006 with a co-starring role in "Stick It," Touchstone Pictures' gymnastics-themed film starring Academy Award winner Jeff Bridges.

Among Curley's more recent credits, she played a pivotal role in the two-part season finale of CBS's "Cold Case" last year, and recreated Kevin Bacon's classic dance-and-gymnastics scene for the unofficial "Footloose" remake that premiered in Los Angeles and New York this summer. She is currently shooting an episode of NBC's "The Event," a conspiracy-thriller series that is scheduled to debut on Sept. 20.

In this IG Online interview, Curley details her Hollywood career to date, and outlines her plans to master the arts of acting, writing and directing.

Curley on floor exercise for the University of North Carolina

IG: Can you talk a bit about your role on "The Event"? It's a new show with a lot of buzz...

MC: Actually, I'm a bit sworn to secrecy, but what I can tell you is I play a passenger on the plane that crashes. My character's name is Jackie Granados and so far I only have one line, but hopefully they'll bring me back!

IG: How and why did you get involved with the unofficial "Footloose" remake?

MC: A guy at the gym where I work, CrossFit Hollywood, gave my name to a friend of his that needed someone who could do acrobatics to recreate the warehouse scene. I loved it because it was a combination of comedy, dance and gymnastics!

IG: At both of the screenings I attended, your performance received one of the best reactions from the audience. The dance sequence in the factory was complicated and convincing, as were the giant swings on the high bar. How did you prepare for this scene? Did you study the original choreography from the film, or just improvise?

MC: I watched the dance scene over and over throughout filming, so we could get it as close to the real thing as possible. The director had his iPhone with him and we would watch, film, watch, film. And then we would add in a few spoofy things of our own, as well.

IG: What about your work on the independent film "Turkles."

MC: "Turkles" is a family-friendly movie about a group of kids who set out to stop some bad guys from poaching turtle eggs. I play one of the camp counselors that teach the kids about turtles. It was really fun to film because I had never seen a turtle bigger than the size of my hand, and I got to see two that were huge! One was at least four feet long, and she was making a nest to lay eggs. I don't know when "Turkles" will be released. It was independently financed without a studio behind it. I can only hope a studio snatches it up, because it will certainly be a cute movie.

IG: We understand you had a role on "The Office." Where and when can fans look for you?

Curley and Nastia Liukin in a scene from the 2006 comedy "Stick It."

MC: Unfortunately you will not see me because my scene was deleted. I actually filmed it way back during Season 3 and can be seen in the Deleted Scenes section of the episode called "Product Recall." I got to do a scene with John Krasinski, which was tough because he's so funny that I wanted to laugh.

IG: In addition to your acting roles, you have some interesting writing, directing and producing credits. What are your aspirations in these areas, compared to your acting aspirations?

MC: Writing definitely falls closest in aspirations for my entertainment career. I love writing and I have an amazing writing partner, Brooke Buffington, that I do all my writing with. If I could live off of acting and writing, I would say I had the perfect job. As far as directing and producing go, I'd be much more inclined to direct rather than produce. Producers do a lot of the grunt work that goes unnoticed, and they have to find money. I know from experience that I hate trying to raise and find money. Brooke and I have entered a Disney Fellowship and are hoping to be picked to write for Disney. We've also been working on a mystery screenplay involving Cinderella and a dead Prince Charming.

IG: What other projects or goals are on your horizon?

MC: My goal is to become a series regular on a TV show or a lead in a feature film, and to finish another screenplay by the end of the year. The latter I can control, the former we'll have to see what miracles God has in store!

Curley and Emmy Award-winning actress Jane Lynch.

IG: How involved do you remain in gymnastics?

MC: My gymnastics has now become "playing gymnastics" when I do it. I recently went to a gymnastics camp and found I could still do back handspring layouts on beam and double fulls on floor. I'd say that, if I had to, I could go Level 9. Every now and then I go with friends to an adult gymnastics class.

Besides gymnastics, I've gotten really involved in a thing called CrossFit, and even competed. I got second at sectionals. CrossFit is a combination of Olympic lifting, body weight movements like pull-ups and push-ups, running, etc. It has workouts that range from two to 30 minutes that are super-intense. I'll say a floor routine is still harder, but these workouts come close. I like to say it's good competition for former athletes. For the first time in my life I lift weights. I also coach group classes in between acting jobs.

I still love gymnastics and am still actively trying to get Brooke's and my script, "Chalk It Up," into the hands of an investor. It would be so great to have made before the 2012 Olympics. I think that, with the success of (ABC Family's gymnastics-themes series) "Make It or Break It," making my film is a no-brainer. People love gymnastics! I was so excited to hear about "Make It or Break It," and went to a network test to play the part of Payson. Another girl, Ayla Kell, got the part. Alas, I still watch the show and support anything that brings more notoriety to such a difficult and amazing sport.

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