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Milloussi, Lympanovnos Win Greek Titles
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Vassiliki Milloussi won her third women's all-around title and Christos Lympanovnos won his second men's all-around title at the Greek Championships, held March 20-21 at the Elliniko Sports Hall in Athens.

Two-time Olympian Vlasios Maras competed three events, winning high bar.

The Greek Championships also served as one of the tests for the selection of the Greek teams for the European Championships that will take place April 21-May 2 in Birmingham, England.

The 24-year-old Milloussi, who won the all-around in 2002 and 2009, placed first on balance beam, her best event. She scored 14.075 in the final, unable to better her score of 14.500 on the event in the all-around competition.

"I'm happy, because I retained the Greek title despite the fact I wasn't perfectly fit," Milloussi said. "This was a test ahead of the upcoming European Championships, and I believe I did well. I'm happy for my performance on the balance beam qualification, as well. However, I have to make it steadier. In the event final, I was too tired and couldn't do anything more. In the rest of the apparatuses, there's still some work I have to do, but I intend to take full advantage of these weeks remaining for the start of the Europeans."

Lympanovnos, who was absent from last year's Greek Championships because of injury, celebrated the title for the second time in his career, repeating his 2007 feat.

"The all-around was a tough competition," Lympanovnos said. "It was clear that it would take a lot of focus in order to win. I made it and I'm very happy with my performance. Hopefully I will do well in Birmingham next month, too. I will try for a high rank in the all-around and help Greece in the team competition at the same time."

Michalis Doulkeridis finished second all-around, and Dimitris Markousis, winner of the two previous editions (2008 and 2009), had to settle for third place.

The two rings specialists, 2004 Olympic champion Dimosthenis Tambakos and youngster Lefteris Petrounias, missed the event because of injuries and attended the competition as spectators.

Lefteris Kosmidis did not rank either, as his performance was out of competition.

"I think I did quite well on floor, but I plan to improve my routine for the Europeans," Kosmidis said. "In parallel bars I believe I did the best routine of my career. I'm also pleased with my performance on rings, except for the landing, which was not good."

Elisavet Tsakou won the junior women's all-around title, and Nikos Iliopoulos won the junior men's all-around title.

Christoforos-Agelos Konstantinidis, who scored 14.837 in the junior men's vault final, earned the Christos Fandridis Trophy, which is named after the late gymnast who was killed in a car accident a decade ago. The trophy is awarded to the junior men's competitor with the highest score in the apparatus finals.

Two-time Olympian Vlasios Maras competed on three events in qualification. He scored 15.100 on high bar, 15.750 on vault and 13.400 on pommel horse. On the next day, he opted to compete only in the high bar final, but he fell in a rather unexpected way and scored 14.400, which still was good enough to give him the gold medal in the event.

"I entered the pre-season a bit late, but I'm on the right path," Maras said. "In the high bar qualification I executed the whole routine well, for the first time this year. In the final, I made an error which had never happened to me, but the good thing is that I did well the difficult parts of my routine. I'm going to fight for the best yet in another European Championships."

Things were reverse for veteran Vasilios Tsolakidis, who fell in the parallel bars qualification and scored only 13.550. Nevertheless, the lack of many quality opponents gave him the opportunity to enter the apparatus final and make things right. He displayed a magnificent routine and was rewarded with 15.475 points.

"I missed training for some days because of a recent injury, but I made it here and I managed to perform really well in the final," Tsolakidis sais. "I wish to have a similar performance in the European Championships, too."

2010 Greek Championships
March 20-21, Athens

Senior Women's All-Around
1. Vasiliki Milloussi (G.S. Kallitheas) 52.950
2. Marilena Barmaxizoglou (Proteas Egaleo) 48.750
3. Paschalina Mitrakou (Spartakos) 48.500
4. Viktoria Tsakalidou (Panthessalonikios) 48.150
5. Mera Daladyse (Panionios) 47.450
6. Maria Pitsikali (Kydon Chanion) 46.350
7. Pavlina Pantelidou (Spartakos) 46.100
8. Konstantina Kazamia (Orfeas Kalamarias) 45.900

Senior Men's All-Around
1. Christos Lympanovnos (Irini Peristeriou) 86.300
2. Mihalis Doulkeridis (Orfeas Kalamarias) 84.800
3. Dimitris Markousis (Olympiaki Floga) 84.300
4. Stavros Kekelos (Irini Peristeriou) 82.250
5. Panagiotis Tougas (Irini Peristeriou) 81.000
6. Charalampos Kailidis (Olympiada Stavroupolis) 79.800
7. Vasilis Kollias (A.G.O. Patras) 75.450
8. Giannis Tougas (Irini Peristeriou) 75.050

Junior Women's All-Around
1. Elisavet Tsakou (Atlas Patron) 52.950
2. Eleftheria Veniou (Irini Peristeriou) 50.850
3. Myropi Christofilaki (Irini Peristeriou) 50.200
4. Dimitra Stamatiadou (Orfeas Kalamarias) 50.100
5. Maria-Magdalini Trihopoulou (Orfeas Kalamarias) 50.000
6. Eleni Tsiligiridou (Diagoras Ampelokipon) 46.700
7. Irini-Serafina Papadimitriou (G.S. Kallitheas) 45.950
8. Ariola Mera (Panionios) 44.950

Junior Men's All-Around
1. Nikos Iliopoulos (A.G.O. Patras) 79.950
2. Giorgos-Christos Chatziefstathiou (Olympiaki Floga) 79,850
3. Christoforos-Agelos Konstantinidis (Diagoras Ampelokipon) 79.150
4. Dimitris - Marios Koulis (A.G.O. Patras) 78.650
5. Paris Tsirigotis (G.E. Peristeriou) 76.150
6. Giorgos Tserkezov (Alexandros Thessalonikis) 73.800
7. Vasilis Giavris (Irini Peristeriou) 73.400
8. Vasilis Tantalidis (D.A.S. Argyroupolis) 72.800

Senior Women's Vault
1. Mera Daladyse (Panionios) 12.937
2. Marilena Barmaxizoglou (Proteas Egaleo) 12.237
3. Ioanna Xoulogi (Orfeas Kalamarias) 11.625

Senior Uneven Bars
1. Viktoria Tsakalidou (Panthessalonikios) 13.400
2. Vasiliki Milloussi (G.S. Kallitheas) 11.850
3. Maria Pitsikali (Kydon Chanion) 11.600

Senior Balance Beam
1. Vasiliki Milloussi (G.S. Kallitheas) 14.075
2. Viktoria Tsakalidou (Panthessalonikios) 12.950
3. Marilena Barmaxizoglou (Proteas Egaleo) 12.200

Senior Women's Floor Exercise
1. Paschalina Mitrakou (Spartakos) 13.300
2. Despina Grigoriadou (Diagoras Ampelokipon) 12.700
3. Marilena Barmaxizoglou (Proteas Egaleo) 12.650

Senior Men's Floor Exercise
1. Dimitris Markousis (Olympiaki Floga) 14.800
2. Stavros Kekelos (Irini Peristeriou) 14.575
3. Christos Lympanovnos (Irini Peristeriou) 14.000

Senior Pommel Horse
1. Xenophon Kosmidis (Irini Peristeriou) 13.900
2. Vasilis Kollias (A.G.O. Patras) 13.825
3. Dimitris Markousis (Olympiaki Floga) 13.350

Senior Still Rings
1. Christos Lympanovnos (Irini Peristeriou) 14.500
2. Stavros Kekelos (Irini Peristeriou) 13.700
3. Panagiotis Tougas (Irini Peristeriou) 13.375

Senior Men's Vault
1. Stavros Kekelos (Irini Peristeriou) 14.712
2. Charalampos Kailidis (Olympiada Stavroupolis) 13.150
3. Giannis Tougas (Irini Peristeriou) 12.600

Senior Parallel Bars
1. Vasilis Tsolakidis (Diagoras Ampelokipon) 15.475
2. Christos Lympanovnos (Irini Peristeriou) 14.300
3. Vasilis Kollias (A.G.O. Patras) 12.325

Senior High Bar
1. Vlasios Maras (Irini Peristeriou) 14.400
2. Dimitris Markousis (Olympiaki Floga) 14.225
3. Charalampos Kailidis (Olympiada Stavroupolis) 12.600

Junior Women's Vault
1. Eleftheria Veniou (Irini Peristeriou) 13.025
2. Dimitra Stamatiadou (Orfeas Kalamarias) 12.900
3. Eleni Tsiligiridou (Diagoras Ampelokipon) 12.862

Junior Uneven Bars
1. Elisavet Tsakou (Atlas Patron) 13.525
2t. Dimitra Stamatiadou (Orfeas Kalamarias) 12.600
2t. Maria-Magdalini Trihopoulou (Orfeas Kalamarias) 12.600

Junior Balance Beam
1. Dimitra Stamatiadou (Orfeas Kalamarias) 13.400
2. Elisavet Tsakou (Atlas Patron) 13.325
3. Maria-Magdalini Trihopoulou (Orfeas Kalamarias) 13.075

Junior Women's Floor Exercise
1. Dimitra Stamatiadou (Orfeas Kalamarias) 12.875
2. Elisavet Tsakou (Atlas Patron) 12.750
3. Maria-Magdalini Trihopoulou (Orfeas Kalamarias) 12.675

Junior Men's Floor Exercise
1. Thodoros Boutakis (Olympiada Stavroupolis) 13.300
2. Giorgos-Christos Chatziefstathiou (Olympiaki Floga) 13.000
3t. Vasilis Giavris (Irini Peristeriou) 12.950
3t. Nikos Vasilopoulos (Panionios) 12.950

Junior Pommel Horse
1. Giorgos-Christos Chatziefstathiou (Olympiaki Floga) 13,475
2. Dimitris-Marios Koulis (A.G.O. Patras) 12.050
3. Xenophon Venios (Irini Peristeriou) 11.925

Junior Still Rings
1. Kostas Konstantinidis (Irini Peristeriou) 13.900
2. Christoforos-Agelos Konstantinidis (Diagoras Ampelokipon) 13.450
3. Thodoros Boutakis (Olympiada Stavroupolis) 13.250

Junior Men's Vault
1. Christoforos-Agelos Konstantinidis (Diagoras Ampelokipon) 14.837
2. Thodoros Boutakis (Olympiada Stavroupolis) 13.937
3. Giorgos Tserkezov (Alexandros Thessalonikis) 13.687

Junior Parallel Bars
1. Paris Tsirigotis (G.E. Peristeriou) 14.000
2. Dimitris-Marios Koulis (A.G.O. Patras) 13.350
3t. Sofoklis Degleris (Panionios) 13.300
3t. Vasilis Tantalidis (D.A.S. Argyroupolis) 13.300

Junior High Bar
1. Giorgos-Christos Chatziefstathiou (Olympiaki Floga) 13.200
2. Nikos Iliopoulos (A.G.O. Patras) 13.000
3. Alexandros Venios (Irini Peristeriou) 12.775

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